Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” Review – Day 0

This is my first attempt to follow the Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”‘ principles. This attempt didn’t succeed. I tried again in March 2009, and this time it worked. If you want to read the successful trial, click here.


First, a bit of background:

I have struggled with weight loss as long as I can remember being alive. I remember being put on a scale at a young age and have the doctor comment to my mother that something should be done about my weight. The first meal plan I saw was in difficult-to-read doctor’s handwriting on the same kind of sheet they write their prescription on. I also read many books on weight loss, tried no-carb diets, tried the Slimming world diet and Weight Watchers as well.

Those attempts were successful to a certain degree, until I started piling up the weight again. Twice in my life, I actually reached my healthy weight. In my latest one, I reached the weight of 80kg in only two months (down from 97 kg) but I gradually put everything back in 10 months and today I weigh 102 Kg (for 188cm).

I kept a journal of my feelings and thoughts during my last attempt, because I really wanted to pierce the mystery of weight loss, and I actually was about to compile all my notes into a book, when I stumbled upon the Paul McKenna book, which summarized all the ideas I came up with- so my project went to the bin.

Second, the reason why I want to test this method is because it offers several advantages:

  • it is sustainable, i.e. it offers a method that you can follow even after you’ve reached your ideal weight
  • it is compatible with social activities: you can actually be invited to dinners and eat whatever your hosts make for you; you can go to any restaurant with your friends
  • it is simple: 4 principles that are quite easy to remember. No need to make your life hard with a scale to weigh everything, counts points, calories, etc.
  • it uses some techniques such as visualization and NLP in order to achieve your goals (it’s trendy at the moment, but I believe it really helps staying focused). This is all explained in the book I can make you thin

Now, I find this method simple, but I don’t find it easy. I am not used to follow the principles: “Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful” and “When You Think You Are Full, STOP Eating.” Indeed, I tend to stuff myself uncontrollably (i.e. not taking the time to enjoy what I’m eating) and to keep on eating even when I’m not hungry. So this 30-day-trial will be a challenge.

This morning, I told myself: “ok, this is not gonna be easy, but you are strong enough to overcome these challenges”. Moreover, it’s only for 30 days, right? I even wrote on my computer: “There will be adaptation times that will be difficult, but I can survive, it won’t kill me, on the contrary.”

Another thing Paul McKenna mentions, is to not weigh yourself more than everytwo weeks. So I checked this morning, but I won’t look again until August 4th.

He also has a CD recording that he recommends to listen to on a daily basis. I believe in his hypnotic powers, I fall asleep every time!!

Finally, he advises to have some kind of physical activity to accelerate the process and feel better, so I’ve joined a local gym.

I’ve also put images of myself when I was 80kg on my desktop. This helps me visualize my goal, since I’ve actually reached it once!

Ok, so here we go… Trial officially starts now.

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