Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” Review – Day 3

This is my first attempt to follow the Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”‘ principles. This attempt didn’t succeed. I tried again in March 2009, and this time it worked. If you want to read the successful trial, click here.


Today, things are getting interesting.

I was doing fine in the morning. I could even feel that my body was feeling healthier and I really wanted to check the scale to see what my progress was.

Then in the afternoon, I had a “food crisis” where I went into the kitchen and started eating bread without control, on which I added cheese or jam… I felt like I was in the cockpit of a plane, but I wasn’t the pilot. Or rather, I had lost complete control. My head kept saying: “slow down, eat every bite consciously, pay attention to your hunger feelings,” but my body was going through the motions. I was watching my hands taking food and stuffing it in my mouth, as if I was watching a movie on which I had no influence.

As a consequence, I felt stuffed after that (and even at midnight, when I’m writing this post, I still feel full!) So I didn’t have dinner with the rest of the family, which disppointed me because, as true French man, I enjoy socializing over meals.

Looking back at it, here is why the crisis happened: I started to think about a job interview that I have next Tuesday. Today, I hadn’t worked on it, for various reasons, including: going out for appointments, being disturbed quite often and downright procrastination. I started to panic about the fact that I should be preparing, and started thinking: “I’m going to be so unprepared, I’m going to fail this interview, I’m gonna be out of job for a long time, I won’t be able to live normally”. Out of fear, I jumped out of the couch and went straight to the kitchen to do the activity described above.

I have been wondering for a long time what the root cause behind this behaviour is. I have thought it could be in some sort of childhood event, but I really have no clue. And going to see some psychiatrists haven’t helped (yet). I’m still trying to find out.

So in complement, I have gone down alternative routes to try and change this pattern. I guess you could group all the things I’ve tried under NLP (visualization, mental suggestion, etc)- I listen to the CD in the Paul McKenna book, which is supposed to reprogram your mind, but as exemplified by today, it has not worked (yet).

Or isn’t it working in some way? Later tonight, I had another little surge, went to the kitchen, took a piece of bread and started chewing it. Then I stopped. Usually, I would have told myself: “well, it’s in my mouth, so I might as well eat it now”. But tonight, I had a gesture: my hand, went into my mouth and took the piece of bread out. It felt almost like an aggressive gesture. It was a very firm one, as if one part of me (the part who wants to be healthy) was taking charge over the other part (who wants to remain fat). Let’s hope this marks the beginning of a new era!

2 Responses to “Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” Review – Day 3”

  1. jeanne Says:

    I’m very interested in your 30 day trial of McKenna’s program. In fact, after reading what you wrote I think of doing the same myself. I’ve been in a battle with weight and food for 30 years so this would be a different experience. I saw McKenna on Tv a couple of months ago and was very impressed. The fact is that my habits are to stuff myself while watching TV, reading or being on the computer. I don’t eat consciously. When I tried eating consciously I thought to myself, I don’t even want to eat at all. So much of the reward for me was related to doing multiple things at a time. So I’ve thought about it for 2 months and think I’m ready to give it a real try and try on a new habit.

  2. thirtydaytrials Says:

    My first comment! Yoo hoo! Thank you Jeanne. He really impressed me as well, so that’s why I wanted to test his ideas. Everything else has failed anyway, so why not give it a go? I’ve also noticed that when I started eating consciously, I ate much less food, not because I deprived myself, but because I wasn’t hungry. Let us know how you’re trial is going. Also, keeping a journal of my thoughts and emotions really helps me, so it may help you as well. Cheers!

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