Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” Review – Day 5

This is my first attempt to follow the Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”‘ principles. This attempt didn’t succeed. I tried again in March 2009, and this time it worked. If you want to read the successful trial, click here.


Day 5. Wow. I’ve got a couple of feelings: 5 seems like an achievement, but it also seems so far away from the goal (DAY 30)… I believe that visualization helps you stay focused, so sometimes I imagine myself typing into the “Title” field “Paul McKenna Review – Day 30!”

Anyway, I want to talk about a couple of family conversations today:

First of all, my sister said to me : “I stumbled upon your blog, I know it’s yours”. So now I’m not writing completely undercover anymore!

Second, I was next to my father today and I said: “I think I have lost weigtht, but I’m not sure”. He overheard me and said: “there’s only one way to know, get on the scale everyday! That’s how I do it.” To which I replied, “no it’s not the only way.” I wish I had some results to back up my claim, but I’m not allowed to check my weight!!

My father is partly responsible for my relationship with weight gain/loss. I feel so guilty when I put weight on, that I am ashame to go and see him, and I am under the impression that he has a judging look on me when he sees me. Maybe I’m imagining it, maybe it’s true. Nonetheless, he instilled in me the obsession of checking my weight and measuring my health according to the figures oscillating on the scale.

Moreover, even though he’s slim and looks healthy, I don’t think he has a good relationship with food. Sometimes, he comes home and guzzle cheese compulsively, then eats barely anything for days, as he feels guilty. He can control himself better than me, that’s why he stays slim.

To be honest with you, I have high hopes in the PMcK method: I hope it will liberate me from all this, and create positive feelings in me towards food. Also, I hope it will have TANGIBLE results on the scale. Not looking at my weight really helps work on the psychological/emotional level of weight loss, but it’s kind of a bet: on day 15, I could either be happy about the results or really disappointed. So far, I’ve been good at sticking with the rules.


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