100% Success trial – Day 0

As I am in a period of my life where I could do with having some success (I feel more like a failure at the moment), I have decided that I will bring success into my life by attempting this 100% success 30-day trial. Let me explain: for 30 days, I will attempt and do things that I am sure to succeed. You could dubb it “baby success steps”. I will not attempt incommensurable tasks. It doesn’t mean that I won’t do part of a bigger task, but instead of telling myself: “I’ve got to write a book”, it will be: “I will attempt to write one paragraph of a book”. Nothing prevents me from doing this more than once a day, so I maybe I will have many paragraphs at the end of the day… but the point is, I will only attempt tasks that I know I can succeed.

I’ve got three reasons for trying this:

  • first of all, I want to test the common sense belief: “success breeds success”. If I introduce a lot of success seeds into my life, will they all bloom and bring a lot more success? Will starting with baby steps provoke an exponential phenomenon of success creation, thus making me encounter success I never thought possible?
  • second, I think it may help me be in the mindset of thinking in terms of attainable goals. I have all these dreams, all these things I want to accomplish, but they are just distant ideas at the moment, I don’t see them as attainable in the short/mid-term. So maybe if I train myself to set goals so that they will be achieved, I will be able to find the path to achieve those bigger goals that seem so far away at the moment.
  • finally, as I said, I could do with a confidence boost. In my previous trial, I said that I only knew one thing for sure: I want to be happy. And I think that my happiness can benefit from introducing this sum of little achievements-

So, I have some pre-conceived ideas of what this trial could bring, but I guess there is only one way to find out if those ideas are true… Try it for 30 days!


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