100% Success trial – Day 1

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

I think that if there are great results to be seen from this experiment, they will happen after 7-10 days. It’s a completely arbitrary figure and I’m open to great results even earlier.

So for this first day, I will just list the types of action I’ve decided to take, and that I have accomplished.

Let me start about how I chose some of the taks I did. While I was during my past Paul McKenna trial, I’ve made a clear decision to have happiness at the core of my life and I started to wonder about the things that could help me reach this state of mind. I came up with a list that comprise all the things happen in a happy day for me. These are:

  • Making money
  • Artistic contribution to the world
  • Learning new things
  • Discover other people’s art
  • Lead a healthy life
  • Socialize with other people

This list may change in the future, but right now, this is my idea of happiness. So I thought to myself: for these categories, what task could I take that would be easily accomplished that that would be a small step towards the goal, even if it is a baby step? Then, after that, all day to day tasks that adds up to the original plan and that must be carried out.

I had a limited time (and also the day after), as I was due to leave my house at 2 pm in order to go to a wedding. Here are some tasks I accomplished and their results:

Do 20 push ups OK
Do 50 crunches OK
Do push ups until failure OK
Do crunches until failure NO Did sit ups until bordeom
Do crunches until failure OK
Learn 2 lines of classic French play OK
Revise one page of German Voc NO Did not have time
Post new 30 trial voc OK
Call mum OK
Call dad OK
Post an important letter OK
Buy Mobicarte OK

So that’s the idea: micro-tasks that ensure an almost 100% sucess rate. After micro-finance, I introduce a new concept: micro-success! šŸ™‚


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