100% Success trial – Day 2

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

On this second day, I used this 100% success trial to build my self discipline. Let me explain. In the last trial, I mentioned that I had self-discipline issues, which impaired my ability to follow the Paul McKenna rules completely. So when I woke up, I thought: “today I’m going to follow these rules without failing”, but I wasn’t even convinced myself that I could succeed in this. So I thought, what is a goal that I am sure to have success in? and came up with the following: “until 9:30 am, I will only eat if I am hungry, and if I do eat, I will follow the recommendations of McKenna.” It was 9:00 am, so I was sure that I could succeed in observing the rules for only half an hour! After those 30 minutes, I thought, well, I guess I could try and observe the rules for another 30 minutes… etc etc. I increased the intervals to 45 minutes, then 1 hour, and I managed to observe the rules for the entire day ! Why? Because in my mind, I know I can be disciplined for 30, 45 or 60 minutes and therefore I put myself in the conditions of success… As I write, I only have to observe the McKenna rules for 30 minutes.

I have also started to re-phrase some goals or tasks I used to set. For example, I have this speech to write that’s due in two weeks; in my mind, I have a vision of what I would love the final result to be, but that vision is almost too daunting to start working on it… I already tried to fight that fear by having a task saying “Start writing speech”, but that was two imprecise, and I didn’t know what success meant in that task. So I rephrased it and wrote: “Spend a 1/2 hour writing the speech.” That’s easy and precise for me. Success is attained if I am able to concentrate for 30 minutes and write whatever ideas come to mind. As a result, those 30 minutes were very productive and I came up with a lot of ideas. The speech is not finished, but I have a lot to work with already, when I do spend another 30 min working on it today.

The good thing with these little units of time is that I can always add another one if I feel like working more, but I can also decide to not add a new one if I am bored with the bigger project. In both cases, there is no failure, just success in the little tasks that I decide.

On a side note, my pec muscles are really hurting from the push ups… I guess I’ve never done that many push ups in my life!

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