100% Success trial – Day 3

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

So far so good ! I am really enjoying this 100% success trial, and I think I may be seeing some signs that indeed, « success brings success ».

I’ll give you a few examples. Among the many projects that I have, one is to write a big piece of fiction, be it a script or a novel… Will I succeed in finishing it? Will I succeed in selling it? Will the book succeed to be entertaining to its audience? I don’t know… there is no way I can know today. So the first day of the trial, I thought: what task could I do to make sure that I succeed it. And I decided to settle for the task: “write 100 words of fiction”. Easy, that one I know I can succeed. On day 2, I start the same task… and suddenly the inspiration kicked in, I ended up writing 2 pages!!

I mentioned yesterday that I have to write a speech. Actually, I am in a group and we have to build a speech together… each of us has to write their own bit. This is a speech for a wedding. Using a no-failure technique, I said to myself: “I will concentrate and work on the speech for ½ hour”. Easy! how can you fail that? I did it on days 2 and 3. End of day 3, I was satisfied with the first draft of my speech, I sent it to the other, and they had great feedback! (with only 1 hour of work!)

How can I explain this? I don’t know… I think that adopting a mindset where there is no possible failure (how can I NOT work on something for 30 minutes??) it makes me much more relaxed and confident that I can loosen up and let go of my creativity. I mean creativity in the larger sense: not only imagination, but my ability to produce.

Speaking of productivity, I have been able these past two days to work for hours straight without feeling too much pain. On a couple of occasion, I had to tell myself “come on! You know you can succeed this” in order to get myself going, but apart from that, it’s been rather enjoyable to work.

Among other achievements, I have been able to submit an application for a job I really want (was afraid to even start), finally finish drafting a home page for a website I’m working on (a task I had put aside for weeks!), learn 18 verses of French classic theatre, go for drinks with my friends, do a bit of physical activity, maintain 100% discipline with following the Paul McKenna eating principles, network for potential jobs… Not so bad for only 3 days… We’ll see if the trend continues that way!!

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