100% Success trial – Day 4

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

I did it again, I just can’t help it… I spoke about this experiment to a friend and to my father. There was a side of me that wanted to keep it secret for a month, to see if it produces great results, but another side couldn’t wait to share the excitement with the people who are close to me, as truly, I have never felt as productive and relaxed than the past 5 days.

Two years ago, I decided to organize my work according to a producticity system called “Getting Things Done” (GTD) It took me about 24 hours of work to implement it in my life (that’s how disorganised I was), but now that I have adopted it, I would never go back. But, although I admire the GTD process to handle the work flow, it hasn’t allowed me to achieve outstanding results, because some tasks were not concrete enough, or were not attainable.

With this 100% success trial, I’m still using GTD, but all I’ve done was to replace each task with something I am sure I can succeed.

New questions have started to arise in my mind; it feels that right now, the system is very short term, i.e. it deals with the success of short small tasks- but what about mid- and long-term projects? How do I engage in a longer term project and formulate it to myself in a way that I am guaranteed success? Let me explain. Right now, a lot of my small tasks consist in researching companies that interest me, contacting recruiters, preparing for interviews. Obsviously, the longer term project of all this is to find a job that I enjoy. But I am not guaranteed success in this… I mean after all, it doesn’t entirely depend on me. It depends on the appreciation of a third person, and as soon as a third person comes into the picture, there is a loss of total control factor. The idea is: how can I formulate to myself what I am doing at the moment as a positive and success-sure/failure-proof objective?

Another example is that I started to learn verses of a French play. My dream, my goal, is to know the entire play by heart. How to make sure that I bring this project to completion with my system… I mean, I am sure that on any given day, I can learn at least two verses, if not more, but I am not sure, at the moment, that I will have the tenacity and discipline to carry this project to completion.

Finally, I am bound to have an interview in the coming days. There is a chance that the interviewer likes me and there is a chance that he doesn’t. In the second case, it will be the end of my possibility of getting a job at this specific company. But I don’t want to view this as a failure. First of all, the miss rate in job search is always a part of the game and is inevitable to happen to some people. So what could be my task, my goal at the interview, that would bring me success if completed regardless of the outcome?

To be continued 🙂

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