100% Success trial – Day 6

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

Earlier in this experiment, I was worried that I wouldn’t stretch my limits by doing this. What is actually happening is that I am increasing some of the tasks I set myself to do, with the confidence that I will be able to achieve them. For example, I’ve increased the number of words of fiction I should write a day, because now 100 doesn’t seem enough.


I’m spending some time with friends down in the South of France, and I have learned one thing yesterday: it’s perfectly fine to party, but start partying after you’ve finished your work! It was harder to complete what I set myself to do!

2 Responses to “100% Success trial – Day 6”

  1. Stevey Says:

    I’m reading your progress with great interest! Is this “100% Success” trial, related to a book or recorded technique or is it your own philosophy?

    Good luck BTW

  2. thirtydaytrials Says:

    No, it was my idea, I was at a very low point and was tired of feeling like a loser. I needed some success in my life and I needed to rebuild some confidence. So I decided I would bring success into my life by doing only thing I can succeed, hence the idea. It has forced to make me think about each and every task and word it in a way that makes success inevitable. I think that in a way, I am making all my goals S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) without realizing it. (this idea of S.M.A.R.T. goals is not from me)-

    I guess it also forces me to focus on what I can actually control and let go of the other things that are not under my control (other people’s reactions, etc) Now, since I am due to have some interviews, I am spending some time thinking about what I could actually focus on during the interview and set myself a goal that I will succeed, regardless of the outcome (hired or not).

    One thing that makes this trial more effective is the fact that I have read and followed the advice of two books on productivity: one is called “Getting Things Done”, the other is “The Now Habit”. What I have changed is that I have decided that there would be automatic success in the little tasks I do.

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