100% Success trial – Day 7 and 8

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

After having been 100% successful in everything I do ;), I have started to hit some success in my job search and have snagged two job interviews for positions that really appeal to me. One of the two, I think is a direct consequence of this experiment, and I will explain you why. There is a recruiting agency in London, UK, who specializes in online marketing jobs. I have submitted my CV and cover letters a few times before, but never even got a letter of acknowledgment from them. No follow up, nothing.

I have adopted the following policy with cover letters. I have set myself tasks that say: “Spend 1/2 hour drafting a cover letter for this position”. Therefore, there is no way I can fail this task, and I am able to be relaxed, since I am just drafting. Most of the time, what actually happens is that after 1/2 hour of work, the letter is satifactory to me (if it’s not, I spend another 30 minutes at a later time). But most importantly, since I am relaxed, I am more creative because I let myself go. On a one specific job posting, something clicked with me and I replied to the ad in a humurous way, far from an all too serious tone… In other words, I was being myself in a cover letter.

The day after, the agency called me back, thanked me for applying and said that I needed to re-work my CV. The consultant was sure I could do the job but it wasn’t clear on the résumé. So he wanted to help me, gave me advice to reword the CV before it is submitted to the client. He probably only replied because he liked my tone, which could only happen in total relaxation!


Otherwise, I am still enjoying working, don’t get distracted and don’t procrastinate. I have exercized everyday. I have really enjoyed the time I spend with my friend because now I don’t feel guilty about work I should be doing. I am also stretching my confidence, and now decide to write 200 words of fiction a day, since I’ve noticed I can do 150 really easily.

I will share with you the most common tasks I use. It is not an exhaustive list, but rather only a sample. I word them in a way that I know I can only succeed. When it is writing, it says “Write 200 words a day.” For job search, it is generally: “Work 1/2 hour on a cover letter”, “Spend 1/2 hour researching a company”. For learning new stuff, I put “Learn 2 verses of a play” or “Revise one page of German vocabulary”. For occasional projects such as best man speech, it is “Spend 1/2 hour working on the speech”. For sports, it is “do 20 push ups and then push ups until failure”…

Sometimes it takes me more than one 1/2 slots (the speech for example). A lot of time, I end up exceeding the original goal, because I am enjoying myself so much that I want to continue. But if I am bored, then I welcome the task target with pleasure and I enjoy my little success. This has allowed me to keep very positive spirits.

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