100% Success trial – Day 17

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

I mentioned earlier in this experiment that when it comes to writing, I would only set myself a target to write a certain number of words of fiction that I was sure to succeed to attain. I started with 100 words a day, then I increased to 150, then to 200.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this way, as it gives me a lot of freedom, while making me productive. Indeed, I have the freedom to stop if I’m not inspired, to carry on if I am, and it assures a minimum of daily writing. It also gives the story a fast rythm, as it is paced by short events happening one after the other.

Anyway, I checked the word count today, and I have reached 6000 words in 17 days. If I look at it from a statistical point of view, this is 10% of the number of words for an average adult book. I read this for what it is, only a statistical figure. I know there is a lot of variance in the number of words in an adult book, and that quantity of words have nothing to do with quality of story and style. But still, it’s some sort of achievement, don’t you think?

Moreover, I am satisfied with what I write. I mean, for a first draft. To me, a first draft has always been about digging some core matter of emotions and events to work with, and not to worry about structure and style just yet. For the first time, I am not really in control of what’s happening in my story, it’s more the characters who decide what to do, and where to go… (it sounds SO cliché, but it had never happened to me before, so I’ve got to speak about it). It’s as if my characters could BREATHE, as if they were FREE… and therefore, I’m getting surprises everyday.

I think that maybe if I become a professional fiction writer one day, I will probably have to write more than 200 words a day, but at this stage, I like it the way it is, and I won’t attempt to write more unless I am 100% sure to succeed!

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