100% Success trial – Day 20

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

On a completely unrelated matter, I saw the Pope yesterday… It wasn’t scheduled. I knew he was in Paris, but I didn’t go out of my way to see him. I was going to a friend’s 30th birthday party. The party happened right by the church Notre Dame. As I got out of the metro, thousands were gathered in a crowd, they started cheering and waiving their yellow flags. I decided to approach, and in the distance, the pope entered the church of Notre Dame for his mass celebration… How often does that happen??

Anyway, as I am focusing most of my job search on online marketing, I came accross an awesome site on search engine optimization. Equally awesome is his author, that wrote quite an extensive biography in his “About” page. Towards the end of the page, he cites a text in a DVD of Radiohead. The quote goes like that:

If you have been rejected many times in your life, then one more rejection isn’t going to make much difference. If you’re rejected, don’t automatically assume it’s your fault. The other person may have several reasons for not doing what you are asking her to do: none of it may have anything to do with you. Perhaps the person is busy or not feeling well or genuinely not interested in spending time with you. Rejections are part of everyday life. Don’t let them bother you. Keep reaching out to others. When you begin to receive positive responses then you are on the right track. It’s all a matter of numbers. Count the positive responses and forget about the rejections.

I could really relate to that quote, because my success trial has put me into this mentality. At the end of the day, since I cannot be 100% sure of whether a person will have the reaction I want, I don’t measure my success in terms of other people’s behaviours anymore. I give myself attainable objectives and throw my work in the world, in the hope to get positive responses and rewards. I can feel I am building a positive vibration in the world!

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