100% Success trial – Day 24

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

Went for a breakfast today with a friend who used to work in recruitment, and who has a gift for counselling people with their careers. She’s helped many friends who didn’t know what they wanted to do, who knew what they wanted but couldn’t find their dream positions, who didn’t like their current job, etc. She does something completely different today, but does give the help just for fun! She’s also a person whom I would call an influencer; having her adopt something is enough to have it adopted by her whole network of acquaintances… Anyway, since I’m looking for a job, I went to see her.

She asked me a lot of questions about professional experience, then she starts to tell me that she could see me in two areas very well. First as a manager of a salesteam, as she thinks I have the strength to communicate and motivate people. Second, she said I would really have fun in advertising.

Concerning managing a salesteam, the funny thing is that I have been thinking about applying this 100% success trial to the management of people. How do you allow your employees to let go of what is not under their control, your own control, or the control of the company, and make them focus on things they can achieve to let organic success happen ? I’ve been thinking of making something of those ideas, but I don’t want to call it “100% success method” because it sounds extremely cheesy. Maybe “organic success”? Anyway, she made me willing to explore that path and I could see myself doing that.

In regards to advertising, she gave me a contact of a girl with a good position just above account manager at a top 5 advertising agency in London (can’t give the name just yet)… she was at the wedding where I gave my speech. I contacted her, she’s very positive about talking to me tomorrow!

The company I interviewed with in London came back with an offer that had a low basic salary, but the potential for high earnings if I manage to bring good results to the business. It’s a bit like an entrepreneurial risk (with some security nonetheless), but I don’t know if I’m ready to take it today. I’ve worked in start ups and small structures; and I was hoping to bank on my MBA diploma to get a bit more financial security (for 2-3 years at least), until taking new risks. I’m temporarily risk-tired.

Mind you, we looked up to the guys who got jobs at Lehman brothers as the people who got the best and most secured offers (on a financial standpoint)… I guess 100% security is a myth.


One thing I ought to mention is that this trial doesn’t completely remove the pain of rejection. I don’t focus on it when I work, I don’t fear it when I write a cover letter, or prepare for an interview, because I know it is out of my control, but I still don’t like it when it hits me.

Both this and Lehman brothers made me think about a little thought I’ve had lately. In microeconomics class, we’re told about Adam Smith’s theories and the concept of the invisible hand that adjusts the economy and that is moved by the rules of the free market. The invisible hand adjusts the supply and demand curves when one moves. I love this concept of looking at the economy as curves adjusting (and I’m being ironic here). Read Grapes of Wrath, and now you’ve got a great description of an adjustment of the labor market supply curve to the left! Economics just ignores all this. Same with the Lehman Brothers ex-employees; I guess they’re feeling the invisible hand slapping them around a bit…

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