100% Success trial – Concluding thoughts

For 30 days, I have decided to only undertake tasks that I know I can successfully accomplish, in order to bring success in my life, and see if the common sense saying: “Success breeds more success” is true.

Now that I am at the end of this 100% success journey ;), it’s time to reflect on what’s been happening to me for the past 30 days. The goal was to see if bringing success into my life would trigger a virtuous circle of success, ultimately bringing unexpected (or wanted) bigger results.


By choosing to undertake only tasks I know I am sure to succeed, I didn’t give up on ambition and trying to reach things that are out of hand at the moment. The goal was certainly not to only undertake projects I am sure to succeed, therefore not trying to stretch myself to try and reach goals that seem far in the distance. The goal was to formulate each and every action I undertake in a reachable way, to make sure that I would succeed this action.

I’ll give you an example. Numerous times this month, I have talked about a speech I had to do for a wedding. Before the trial, everytime I thought about working on the speech, I told myself: “I have to write a great speech that will make everybody laugh”. Then I started this trial, and so when working on the speech, I asked myself what I could be sure to do, and I decided it was: “Work 1/2 hour on the first draft of this speech”. Easy enough. No other pressure.

That’s what I meant by 100% success trial. Formulate every single action in a way that I am sure I will succeed it. But it didn’t prevent me to work on the speech about which I didn’t know the ultimate outcome (make people laugh, or bomb!)

Long term projects and 100% success actions

About these projects, I think they are actually essential to the success of this experiment. They are like the magnetic north for me, and every morning, I take out my compass and look in which direction I should go. If I didn’t have this sense of direction, I would find it meaningless to plan for daily actions, even if I’m 100% sure that I will succeed them.

What are these projects, and how did they came about? In the trial I did before this one, I hit the lowest point in my morale, where it was very questionable whether I should still be existing on the surface of this planet. The day after, I made a decision to seek hapiness in everything I do, and I decided that my happiness came through 6 things, in no order of preference: Make a good living – Make an artistic contribution to the world – Have relationships with other people (friendships, love, family) – Discover other people artistic’s contribution – Lead a healthy life – Increase my knowledge in diverse topics

These are the lines that decide what I will do when I plan my day in the morning. These are what I would call infinite goals. I can always stretch the goals further. They are kind of ideals, but I made the decision that everyday was going to be a day where I take steps towards these goals.

Focusing on the future and the hits

This trial made me focus much more on the future and on the possibilities, rather than dwell on failures and non-achievements. For example, let’s talk about “making an artistic contribution to the world”. Sometimes I stress about the fact that I am not the international known artist I’d like to be; or that I haven’t really published a book yet. Now, I ask myself: what am I sure to do to walk into that direction? And at first I started to tell myself every morning that I would write 100 words, then I increased to 200. Most of the time, I write much more, but I have my minimum quota everyday.

Same with the job search (right now, “make a living” and “artistic contribution” are separated, but I hope that they will merge one day)… so I was saying, job search. Like in the artistic world, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything major in my professional life. Throughout this month, I received some rejection letters and emails (when I received ones). Sometimes it hurt, but this experiment always made me think: “what achievable step can I take towards my job search?” This attitude made me focus on the successes I was having and made me look towards the future.

Achievements in a relaxed attitude

Ultimately, this experiment made me let go of everything I cannot 100% control. I mean by that: whether somebody wants to work with me, whether they find my joke funny, what a person is feeling about me, current market conditions, the quality of my own inspiration… By focusing on the controllable elements, I was able to feel more relaxed. As a consequence, my inspiration has been much better and I have connected better with people at interviews.

A month later, what have achieved exactly?

Jobwise, I don’t have my perfect job yet. However, my hit rate with recruiters has been better. I have also done better interviews. I have networked with more people than before, and have been recommended for several jobs. And also I have found a job posting that actually made my heart bump and thought: “wow, this would be absolutely amazing!” Coming from a man who’s not been excited about careers for 6 months, it’s an achievement!

Artistic wise, I have crossed the bar of the 10,000 words on the first draft of my novel- and I am happy about my characters, what they’re going through, their reactions to events, etc.

Healthwise, I must admit, I haven’t found how to apply this on working on my health, since this is a topic that you have to work on 24/7 for the rest of your life, and I can’t see the 100% success actions I could take towards this goal.

Learningwise, I have brushed up on my German, and I’ve learned about 80 verses of the play “Andromaque” by Racine.

As for discovering other people’s arts and relationship with others, I enjoyed both in a much more relaxed attitude because I knew that I worked on the whole rest. It felt nice to go out partying with no worries about things I should have been doing!

Since I talked about the wedding speech, I ended up writing it in two 1/2 hour sessions, i.e. one hour, and it was a hit with the audience. Coincidentally, it brought me two unscollicited job referrals!


A person commented on one post: “you learn from your failures”. In a way, yes. As I said, I’ve given up on the things I cannot control, like the reaction of others. But what I can certainly do, for example, is to make sure I sell myself the best way I can at job interviews. I can work on connecting with the person at first, shake hands and my selling points. The rejections make me learn about trying to have a better selling speech, about trying to ask better questions. So in that way, you learn from rejection. But for now, I have stopped seeing the negative reaction of others as failures, because it does not 100% depend on me.

I will definitely continue to work like that, because it’s putting me in positive spirits and it seems to be bringing good results.

PS: as I was about to hit “publish” on the blog interface, the recruiter from the salesteam management job in Paris called me to offer me the job. So, yes, in conclusion, “success breeds success”!!

PPS: this is not a joke, it actually happened at the second I was going to make the post.

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