A little update

I ended up accepting the job offer for the business development position in Paris.

My schedule has been really busy with training and meetings to get acquainted with members of my new company, trying to find a place to live and getting settled in my new life.

First couple days on the job, I was feeling scared. I hadn’t worked in 15 months, with all the travel and the MBA program. However, I applied what I learned in my last trial, i.e. making sure that every task is “failure proof” and I’ve really enjoyed meeting with my colleagues and learning about the job. It’s only my fourth day today, but I know I have taken in knowledge faster than any previous job I’ve had.

On the novel writing side, I’ve managed to do my minimum writing everyday and am now on 12,000 words.

I’m still thinking about what my next trial is going to be… I want to do something related to my personal life, but still don’t know what. Will keep you posted. Literally.

One Response to “A little update”

  1. Rui Says:

    I’m also an avid reader of Steve Pavlina. Keep posting, even if the trials don’t work out. Like you said in a old post, you were thinking about deleting the blog… you shouldn’t. Other people can always learn from our experiences, be it failures or successes.
    Hope your new job is working out! 🙂

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