Accounting for my expenses trial – Days 11 to 16

For 30 days, I’ve decided to watch and account for all my expenses.

So I am halfway through this trial.

I still enjoy it, because I see where my money is going, but I am now sure that this will have to be followed by some cost cutting, and learning how to follow a budget. I wanted to end until day 30 to make a budget, but it looks like I may have to do it now and stick to it until the end of this trial…

I am writing from an airport, waiting for a flight with more than 1 hour delay, so it looks like this is exactly the kind of things I have time to do now!!

Other than that, I will share the Excel file that I am using for it (without the numbers of course) for anybody who’s interested in downloading it. But I will post it on day 30, since I improve it everyday.


On another note, the thoughts shared on this blog got me a remark that I was indeed drinking too much beer. When I heard this, I thought: if I say “no”, I will sound like an alcoholic, so my only choice, I guess, is to say “yes”. Problem: being the unmeasured person that I am, i.e. having the difficulty to do what I like only half way, made me wonder whether going dry should be my next 30 day trial. I mean, this could be very interesting. You hear everywhere things like: it’s bad for your weight, it costs money, it’s not the only way to have fun with people… so I guess living it for 30 days will make me realize whether these are just things people are saying, or if this is actually true.



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