Accounting for my expenses trial – Days 18 to 26

For 30 days, I’ve decided to watch and account for all my expenses.

I still haven’t got around to do a monthly budget, but that will come soon. Hopefully.

It’s been almost 4 weeks, and I’ve got to say that I have some sense of empowerement towards my finances, that I had always considered to be out of my control until now. All it took really, to see what I spent, was to keep all those receipts, and log them in frequently.

I’m actually not paying that much in bank fees. It’s just like I thought: the “going out” account is taking a lot of my budget. Now that I’ve started paying back my obligations, I can see that the cost of debt is going to be heavy. This month is a bit particular as I had a big repayment to make on top of my student loan. I expect that it will not be such a burden in coming months.


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