No alcohol – Day 7

It’s been officially a week that I haven’t had a drop of alcohol.

Today, my mood was more positive than the one of my previous post.  Although it took time to pull myself out of bed this morning, I have felt generally in good spirits today, and it looks like the depressing thoughts have decided to leave me alone for the day.

I wondered if one part of me already knew that I was going to get hit by a depression, and as a survival reflex, I decided to stop drinking. Or is it the not drinking that created that state of mind? Not sure.

Anyway, work started being good again today, and I have felt a lot of excitement and fullfilment from it. I am finally able to think at the level I was supposed to after graduating from an MBA; to submit and brainstorm ideas, to strategize, to impact the future of my company, and that was very exciting. So at least professional life gave me satisfaction.

The headaches didn’t seem to be here either (only mild and occasional ones).

I still went out to socialize with a friend tonight, and I discovered something that was new to me: what a bar looks like at 11 PM. I mean, I knew what it looked like, but by 11 pm, in a bar, I was always drunk (or at least tipsy). Tonight, I observed the scene around me, I discovered how drunk people behave. And there are an aweful lot of them!! I observed them not being able to stand properly on their feet, not being able to speak clearly; I looked at them work with their own thoughts. It was unbelievable! and quite fun to watch! This may not be new to a lot of people, but it was a discovery to me…

Apart from people watching, I still had fun going out without drinking, so that’s still a positive. And I have enjoyed being in control of my actions.

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