No Alcohol – Day 12

Today, I am feeling much better than yesterday. It was not hard, considering how low my spirits were when I posted last night.

I was tagged on Facebook for the pictures of last Saturday’s party, which I mentioned on this blog. I said that it was a Pimps and Hoes party on Valentine’s day, and I wrote I was worried that not drinking alcohol might have decreased my libido. By looking at the pictures today, I understood why I wasn’t inspired to have sex with anyone!

Anyway, one thing I have got to say, is that I have been feeling really alert this past week. I interact much quicker in conversations, and my wits and spirits have never been so active. So when I’m not feeling down in the dumps like last night, I am actually feeling quite energetic. I am not sure if this is my imagination, but I think I am sharper than 3 weeks ago, more efficient at work and more present in conversations.

Staying away from alcohol for a bit makes me realize how vulnerable I have been for a long time, and that choosing to drink while being in that state was probably not the best choice (I started drinking on holiday in Spain when I was 16). I have met real alcoholics who have a real chemical addiction that they have no choice but to go completely sober if they want to live a normal life. I am fortunate not to be among these people. However, drinking when in a fragile state certainly didn’t help me deal with this fragility, which makes me think that maybe the next time I have a drink should be when I feel confident- and I mean truly confident- and good about my life.

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