No Alcohol – Day 14

Two weeks ago was the evening that I got wasted and got so disgusted by my behaviour that I decided to go on this non-alcohol trial.

Tonight would have been one of these nights when I would have told myself: “good lord, I  need a drink. Actually, I need to get plastered.” I was invited to a party at some friends’, but I felt so vulnerable that I decided not to go. I would have been miserable the whole evening. And in those situations, I would have told myself that drinking would have taken me out of my misery. So therefore, I decided not to socialize, which is a hard decision for me, because I always want to be around people, and don’t do too well hanging out with myself. Well, tonight, I decided that I was going to be alone.

My head was feeling very agitated, and I decided to walk home. It was very refreshing, more than a couple of shots of gin and tonic !! 😉

It is only 10 pm French time, but I have decided to go to bed early. Maybe I am in that mood because I need some sleep- so see you tomorrow.


One Response to “No Alcohol – Day 14”

  1. N Says:

    I think this is the best trial you have done so far; in many ways…

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