No Alcohol – Day 19

19 days already ! 🙂

I knew there would be a point at which I would miss a glass of alcohol to accompany food, and tonight was just the night !

Scene: three friends at a crêperie, enjoying delicious Brittany-style crêpes for Mardi-Gras. (yes, in France, we eat crêpes for mardi-gras)

Action: the crêpes are served. Apple cider is served to my friends.

Zoom into character’s mind (me): “God a cup of cider would be delicious with this ham/cheese/mushroom galette!”

Fade to black.


I am going to Amsterdam this week end. I do not plan to drink, but I am asking myself this philosophical question: would smoking marijuana be a violation of this trial? I know the trial says “no alcohol”. But it is more than that: it is “no use of brain-altering substances, no escape into fantasy world, just plain perception of reality 24/7.” I would feel like it would be a violation. Or it would be cheating.

Problem is: cheating is naughty. And naughty is fun.

One Response to “No Alcohol – Day 19”

  1. Cath Says:

    If you are not a regular mj smoker, then I vote No – this does not count as a cheat. You haven’t developed the same emotional/physical reliance on mj as you did for alcohol. Have fun and report back.

    (Hmm, if the physical act of inhaling tempts you to smoke regular cigarettes again, however, perhaps consider having a brownie or other variation)

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