No Alcohol – Day 21

My third week of not drinking a drop of alcohol is complete. Hurray.

One of my fans 😉 forwarded me a link to an article written by somebody who goes out socializing without drinking for the first time. Here it is:

I wish I had the time to invest in describing my experience in a way that is as detailed as her. I do relate to some of her emotions and thoughts, although she doubted her ability to have fun without booze much more than I did.


Cath, I loved your comment. I’ve got to say, I like your thinking! Strangely enough, and despite my strong inclination for nicotine addiction, I have smoked joints without falling back into smoking cigarettes again. But for this week end, I think I’m not going to smoke pot (or eat it in a brownie). The goal here is to be clear-headed for 30 days.

I love receiving comments from random strangers. Keep’em coming!


The energy that I feel after 3 weeks, is not just physical. It is also mental. I am stronger than I thought I could be. I have more ressources in me than I ever imagined. I’m loving the drought 🙂 In the beginning, I felt in a position of weakness, and posted a quote from a book called “Vipère au poing” (roughly meaning: Snake in the Fist); I thought that I was undertaking an aggressive mental struggle. Instead, the process of feeling good has been much smoother and calmer.


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