No Alcohol – Day 23

Good thing that I stayed sober, as I had to deal with a work emergency at 5 in the morning !

I guess that if I made it through the day and the second evening without drinking or smoking pot, it means my Amsterdam experience will remain entirely sober, as I’m taking the train tomorrow afternoon to get back to Paris.

I have really enjoyed discovering this city off the tourist trail. I’ve had the chance to discover a place where I would really like to live, and that would come in nicely if I ever make it as a writer.

I got inspired by my US friend who lives here: he said that 3 years ago, he was discontent with his life, so he decided to quit drinking for 6 months and to work on his improv skills. He trained and he managed to get hired to perform at the Boom Chicago show in Amsterdam. There is also something that I have at heart: it is to become a fiction writer. This dream would be a reason to not resume my drinking after the 30 days, until I finish my novel and get it published.

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