No Alcohol – Day 27

I can’t believe I am this close to the finish line. I take great pride in being successful at this 30 day trial. Beyond the pride, I am glad I actually made space in my life to try how I would feel without alcohol. I know I haven’t officially completed my 30 days yet, but if I wake up Sunday morning without having had a drop of alcohol, then it will be a success. I think I will be fine. If I have been able to go through a Pimps and Hoes party, frustration, work stress, disappointments, joys, clubbing and Amsterdam without having had a sip of booze, I think I can survive my last Saturday night in Paris.

N was asking, what next? I’m not sure, really. Many people have asked me: “so, on day 31, you’ll get wasted?” I don’t really want to, and actually I am pretty sure I will carry on not drinking. The question is “how long?”. I think I will delay the decision until I finish the first draft of my novel, and I’ll reassess then.

Last night, I was telling my psychologist that I was wondering if I wasn’t an alcoholic, since cutting off the booze has brought so many positive emotions and consequences into my life. She said she wouldn’t be surprised, after attending the MBA that I just did, where heavy-duty drinking is banalized. In all fairness, I didn’t need that MBA to entice me to booze. Let’s just say that it “helped”, making me consume more alcohol than ever.

I have said that I am losing weight. It’s not only from removing the calories of alcohol. It’s also because the calm and the control I am having over myself make me resist binge-eating when I am stressed and when I am not hungry. It is almost like I needed this in order to succeed the first trial I attempted on the Paul McKenna diet. Maybe I’m going to try it again, give it another chance.

Coincidentally, this is also helping me with my finances, as I make sure that I don’t overspend, or live above my means. Today, for the first time in 6 months, I went to get an affordable haircut. 🙂 Since the summer, I had been to one of the most expensive hairdresser in Paris, Tony and Guy. And as much as I liked being cut by them, today I thought: “do I really need this?” And I booked another salon. (although I can’t wait for Tony and Guy to be back in my means 😀 )

I’m in this really good place right now. If somebody is, in the back of their mind, thinking: “maybe I should stop drinking for a bit,” I would encourage them fully, because this is such a positive experience.


3 Responses to “No Alcohol – Day 27”

  1. Misha Says:

    just read through the _no alcohol_ part of you blog after M sent me a link. i’m really glad you are having this interesting experience and in the end you are finding enough strength and desire not only to continue not drinking, but also to do the things in life which you find important (like writing)

    i’m on day 2 of my alcohol abstinence program. it’s rather tough, as for some reason i want to eat all the time. i tried to stop drinking coffee and tea also, but so far that seems to be impossible.

    if you will need non-alcoholic company in some near future, come by to see some woody allen movies. i think i can probably manage not to drink for 30 days or probably even not have sex, but 30 days without woody allen would be impossible for me!

  2. thirtydaytrials Says:

    haha, this could be my next 30 day trial : watch a woody allen film everyday !

  3. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

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