Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” review – Take 2 – Days 1 to 10

This is my second attempt to follow the 4 principles of Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”. These are:

  1. When you are hungry, EAT
  3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful
  4. When You Think You Are Full, STOP Eating

This relates a 30-day-trial experiment of the method.

So here we go again… My second trial of Paul McKenna “I can make you thin.” Why do I insist on using this slimming method? Because this is the only one that makes sense to me (after having tried many of them), and when I see healthy people around me, they don’t restrict themselves on the types of food they eat. They seem to naturally be following these principles.

I had many conversations with my friends about my next trial, and suggested I did something else (and they have had a lot of good ideas, which promise to be fun for the next trials). Despite these conversations, I really wanted to do more work on my physical health again. This is very important to me.

Moreover, as we were having these discusssions, I had already started to secretly follow these “I can make you thin” principles. I just wanted to stick with it for a few days before I announce it on this blog. What happened was that at the beginning of the India trip, I could feel that I was putting back on the weight that I had lost by going off the alcohol. The food in India is so delicious, and I kept thinking: “when is the next time I will get to eat great Indian food, cooked in India?” So using this as an excuse, I was eating a lot. When I felt this extra weight back on, I was disappointed that the kilos lost effortlessly by going off the alcohol were back on. So without anybody knowing, I started using this method again.

In my first trial of “I can make you thin”, I didn’t give it a full chance, because I kept breaking the rules. So even though it was a good experience overall, I didn’t give myself the opportunity to see the full potential of the method, and to grow into new habits.

One of the reasons I kept breaking the rules is when I would go out with my friends and drink alcohol, I would come back home and eat to fill my drunken stomach. I was not necessarily hungry. This put me on the path of failure, and I believed less and less that I could succeed in following the method.

Getting off the booze was something I needed to allow myself to follow the principles for 30 days and see if they actually work on me. Ironically, Paul McKenna writes in his book that it is better to stop drinking in the beginning of using his method… Guess I didn’t want to hear that part at the book ๐Ÿ™‚

I have made a decision however: if I break the rules one day, then I will stop the trial, because there is no point in calling it a 30 day trial, if I’m not actually trying and breaking the rules. It’s been 10 days so far that I have been able to diligently abide by the 4 principles. So let’s see how it goes and hope that it can last 20 more days.


After 10 days, I’m already getting compliments from people at work, from friends and from my mother that I look better, as it shows I have shed kilos off. This is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

“the last time I get to eat this…”

This is one of the excuses I have used numerous times to indulge in overeating. Getting past this self-limiting belief is a challenge in this trial.

In India, during the wedding festivities, I really wanted to experience all this delicious food that was laid in front of our eyes. But then I thought: there is so much that I cannot humanly try a bit of everything. So I made plates, where I would put a bit of 5 of 6 different dishes, and eat as I was hungry. If my hunger left me, I would stop.

This allowed me to have a great culinary experience, as I got to taste such a wide variety of Indian dishes and still be happy that I didn’t betray my trial.

No later than yesterday, I was at my mom’s. She had such good cheeses in her fridge, that I thought it was a ‘now or never’ opportunity to eat great cheese that I wouldn’t usually have at home. In normal times, I would have taken them out of the fridge and start spreading them on bread. I didn’t do it, but I definitely felt that compulsion inside my body. I had to do a conscious effort to fight it.

This feeling of eating something for the last time is dangerous for overeaters as it creates a sense of urgency to binge on a particular type of food in a minimal amount of time.

Listening to my hunger

I’m still learning to listen to my hunger. I guess that after almost 30 years of not eating according to hunger, learning to follow it cannot be done in 10 days.

Often, I eat a few bites and find that I am no longer hungry, leaving huge amounts of food in my plates. Usually, 5-10 minutes later, I start feeling hungry again, until I have had a little more.

I also find that hunger comes knocking at hours that are not into our social schedules. We, as a society, have established a schedule of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), but I find hunger to be erratic and and often comes between meals as well. Eating between meals creates a bit of guilt, as dieticians always tell you “don’t eat between meals!” But I must eat when I’m hungry, right? So I do what I’ve got to do.


All I can say right now, is that in 10 days of completely following the method, I have lost more weight than in my first attempt, but I will give more figures at the end of the 30 days.

gotta go now, as I feel hungry ๐Ÿ™‚


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