Free Web based G.T.D. (Getting Things Done) with iGoogle

Do you want a completely free one-stop site where you can at the same time manage your context lists, store your documents, and add items to your calendar, so that you can fully implement G.T.D. online ? It is possible with iGoogle.

G.T.D., context lists, what the heck ? These terms will only make sense to you if you are familiar with David Allen’s workflow management system: “Getting Things Done”. If you need to learn more about it, then visit G.T.D.’s official website.

There is no need to pay for a monthly subscription to a service to get all you need to implement a web-based version of GTD. There is no need either to have 4 browser windows open, so that you can work with your lists, tasks, calendars, etc. You need one thing, though: a google account. And it helps if you also have a gmail account. If you have a pop3 account, you can ask Gmail to go and get your mail for you. If you have hotmail or Yahoomail, it will also work… you’ll see. So  your first step is to open your Google account.

Once you do have your google account, sign in to iGoogle. Delete all the gadgets, except for the gmail one. Click on “Add Stuff”, and add the following gadgets: Google Docs, Google Tasks, Google Calendar. Now, if you have hotmail or Yahoo mail, search gadgets that allow you to retrieve these emails. They exist, and I am using one.

Your iGoogle desktop should look like this:


As you can see, I have added the Hotmail module.

On Google tasks, I created new lists that I named after my contexts: @office, @home, @shopping, @calls, etc. Google tasks is still a Labs application, so it’s a work in progress. Right now, it doesn’t allow you to see all your lists at the same time, but only seperately.

Google Docs allows you to store documents, classify them by folders, and search through them.

Google Calendars has all the functionalities of an Outlook Calendar.

Gmail allows you to create labels, and to label your emails. I’ve created labels after the names of my projects. This allows me to retrieve in one click all the emails associated to a specific project.

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