Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” review – Take 2 – Day 18

This is my second attempt to follow the 4 principles of Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”. These are:

  1. When you are hungry, EAT
  3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful
  4. When You Think You Are Full, STOP Eating

This relates a 30-day-trial experiment of the method.


The rate at which I am losing weight is a bit scary. Is it really ? It feels good, because I am experiencing success and it seems that the method actually works when I actually follow it. I am happy to say that on day 18, I still haven’t broken any of the rules, and that I only have 12 more days to go to complete the trial.

I think that going through a family lunch without failing is a big achievement. At least in my family. After main course, I wasn’t hungry anymore, and was a bit pissed off actually, because I wanted to enjoy some of the delicious cheese laid in front of my eyes, as well as the chocolate cake. I didn’t though. 1,5 hours later, I started to be hungry again, and I took the opportunity to enjoy exactly those two things !


In my last trial, I went through 7-10 days during which I was feeling in a state of despair. Now, during this trial, I must admit that I am in a foul mood, and do not want to see people. I feel like hiding under my duvet and shut myself completely to other human beings.

I am hoping that this is only temporary.


In terms of figures, I have lost 5 kilos since the beginning of this trial (and 9 since I stopped drinking).

4 Responses to “Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” review – Take 2 – Day 18”

  1. hattie Says:

    hello thereee

    ah! im so glad i found someone thats actually written about this book…as its on the way to my letterbox in two days! I must say, i am EXTREMELY excited,mainly because this is sort of my only hope left/motivation on loosing a bit of “excess” weight that is walking around with me at the moment… tell me, what is the cd like that comes with this book? xx.

  2. thirtydaytrials Says:

    hey hattie, well to be honest, I don’t do the CD anymore… This is already my second trial (although this one, I’m doing it successfully, and haven’t broken the rules), so the CD is kind of old news to me ! It doesn’t do more to listen to it, but it may do you a lot of good, so I suggest you listen to it anyway just to try it out 🙂

  3. A Canadian Reader Says:

    I loved this post. I could just taste that cake at your family lunch. I found the way you handled it to be very inspirational. It’s an image I’m going to keep in mind to help me along.

    Btw, thank for visiting my blog. Seul un Français apprécierait un commentaire sur la dialectique !

    Please continue to visit. There’s nothing like the support one gets from fellow bloggers!

  4. Mtjns Says:

    Can you give me some tips that helped you succeed 😀

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