Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” review – Take 2 – Day 21

This is my second attempt to follow the 4 principles of Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”. These are:

  1. When you are hungry, EAT
  3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful
  4. When You Think You Are Full, STOP Eating

This relates a 30-day-trial experiment of the method.


Still in the game.

Last week end, I met with a couple of friends (literally, a couple) who read this blog, and they were disappointed that I’m redoing this trial, which is the first one I ever tried. I believe that having a successful run of this trial is very important to me. a) because I don’t like to tell myself that I failed it. b) because this is a revolution.

Stopping to drink was a revolution, but this trial takes it to a whole new level ! Removing overeating as a response to stress is removing the last bit of self-destruction as a response to stress. For the past 21 days, there has been no use of self-destruction because of frustration. Why do certain people choose self-destruction when they are challenged by life ? i don’t know, I can’t tell why I chose to do it. I haven’t done it for 21 days, and I’m kind of lost. But I know it’s good for me.


Also, eating only when I’m hungry removes greed.

Is it the solution to economic scarcity ?

ok, I’m stretching it a bit too far, maybe.


Today, going to a meeting with a supplier led to one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while. The guy is from Venezuela and he moved to Paris for his post-graduate studies. He was writing a thesis on urbanism. After he completed it, he made arrangements to go back to Venezuela. He had a job to return to. He bought his ticket.

One day, he was in the metro with his friend, who started to flirt with a girl. The friend was being a bit too pushy, and the girl didn’t like it. So the guy I know intervened and said : “look, the only way to get rid of this guy, it’s to play a game. If I can guess what your job is, you come and drink a coffee with us. And what are the chances, really ? Otherwise, my friend will stop bothering you.” “Ok” says the girl, “take a guess so I can go.” The guy replies : “you’re an architect”.

She was an architect.

This gets interesting : the guy I know cannot actually go for coffee, because he had arrangements he can’t get out of. Later, he phones his friend and asks if he took the number of the girl. He says no, however, she had an envelope, and he wrote the address.

Guy I know writes a first letter to the girl, doesn’t get an answer; he writes a second one… no answer; he writes a third one that says, in a nutshell: “I’m leaving to Venezuela, so this is the last letter I’m writing to you.” she replied with a telegram in which she included her phone number. They met.

He’s never gone back to live in Venezuela.

Then he says to me: “the only thing that can get you outside of your original plans, out of your tracks, is the passion of love” (la passion amoureuse, in French).

We go on talking about art, litterature… he tells me that at the moment he’s reading a compilation of love letters between Georges Sand and Alfred de Musset. Now, how often do suppliers’ meetings go like that ?

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