Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” review – Take 2 – Day 29

This is my second attempt to follow the 4 principles of Paul McKenna “I can make you thin”. These are:

  1. When you are hungry, EAT
  3. Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful
  4. When You Think You Are Full, STOP Eating

This relates a 30-day-trial experiment of the method.


So I managed to find a wifi internet connection at the hotel in Arles where I am staying. I am glad that I did and that I will be able to blog during the finish line of this trial, because I think this could be interesting. Let me explain.

A few times, I have mentioned on this blog that family meals are stressful to me. And not finding refuge in eating has increased this stress everytime I had to spend time with the fam. Well, imagine this: I’m on a week end in the South of France (Arles, to be precise) with my siblings. It’s four of us. We are sharing a room, that is the same size of my current bedroom. I.e. size of my usual personal space = size of space I have to share with them for this week end. And this is Easter week end, that means Monday is off, and there is one more day !!

When I arrived in the room, I went to the bathroom and isolated myself with the pretense of washing my hand. I breathed for a moment and thought: “what the heck am I doing here?” 3 whole nights in this situation !! I don’t think I’m capable of dealing with this.

Then thinking about the blog really soothed me; knowing that I will have this outlet to express what I’m going through, the bad times and the good times made me feel better. Writing here has become a daily appointment with the rest of the world that I am looking forward to, and that I don’t want to miss. I find great satisfaction in knowing that this is a more positive way to deal with my stress than overeating.

So far, the week end is going quite all right, actually. That’s usually what happens when expectations are low : you always end up pleasantly surprised. I have enjoyed walking through this traditional event in the South. After a week in India, I was reminded that we have traditions too, and that every region of France has its different celebrations with their own outfits, music and rituals. The Ferias in the South are dedicated to bull-fighting, music that resembles traditional Spanish songs and partying. We went to a party that takes place in a church no longer in service (the party is called “les Andalouses”). Women and men in Southern traditional costumes were dancing with their arms in the air, carrying in their posture all the pride of the South. Tomorrow, I’m expecting to see live bulls on the streets and will attend bull-fighting on Sunday.


On day 29, this new way of eating has almost become a second nature. It’s not so hard any longer. Tomorrow is the last day… Yipee !


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