what next?

I am not sure what my next trial should be. So far, I have blogged mainly about the topics of physical health, career and finances. In parallel to following the “I can make you thin” method, I have also (finally) made a budget with the challenge to follow it… It’s been 14 days (I started on April 1st), but I didn’t feel like writing about it, because apart from: “oh it sucks, I couldn’t go to the restaurant today, because I’m watching my expenses,” there isn’t much else. The one positive feeling is that I feel in control, again. And I hope it’ll last.

So right now, I want to put myself in cruise mode, see if I am able to follow the “eat when/only if I’m hungry” rule and follow a budget so that I get in better shape physically and financially. Thing is, I think I am addicted to this blogging thing. My posts have become longer, and I invest more time and energy into it. I’ve started a public brainstorm/conversation with readers (and I hope it will catch on) and so I don’t see myself stopping it now.

Also, I don’t feel like starting another blog, because it’s the 4th one I start, and this time, I seem to have committed to it much more than the others. I think that ultimately, I will end this blog when I go on to other adventures, because I think I have more to offer than try things for 30 days… but it’s good at the moment.

The one big move that I dream to make in my life is to become a professional fiction writer. So I feel like I want my next trial to help me make a step in that direction. I have been writing on my novel 1st draft every day (I am more committed to the novel than I am to this blog, because I write on the novel script every single day, and I don’t follow the same discipline with blogging). So writing everyday helps becoming a better writer, but I am sure I could commit to some writing exercizes that I would publish here and that would make me a shraper writer. Like write a new portrait everyday for 30 days. Or write a new landscape description, a new object description everyday for 30 days… I don’t know. A new erotica story everyday would probably get me readers πŸ˜‰

It’s scary because I fear it would expose myself to judgement; and by writing something every single day, there is not a lot of time for editing, improving, etc. But I guess that if this is what I want…

5 Responses to “what next?”

  1. N Says:

    just out of curiosity: in what language is the novel you’re writing? French or English? And why that language and not the other one?

  2. A Canadian Reader Says:

    Hi B,

    Well, I’m on board for the discussions. I just finished my response to your question on dissatisfaction. It’s entitled “The Red Leather Boots Syndrome”. I’d really like to thank you for prompting me to write it and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    I certainly do hope you continue your blog. It’s honest and thought-provoking. I too would like to know what language you’re writing your novel in. In fact, I’d be interested to know why you have chosen to blog in English–a larger readership, an further sense of anonymity…? When I was 17 (long before anyone had dreamt of making computers small enough to use at home or creating something as powerful as the Internet), I kept a diary in French. I remember how safe I felt, knowing that my mom wouldn’t understand it, if she ever found it! It makes me realize that if I hadn’t taken that proverbial left turn at Albuquerque (see Bugs Bunny), I might have been blogging in French today, though probably less successfully than Nancy Houston. Do you know her? She’s an English-Canadian writer who lives in Paris and has been extremely successful writing in French.

    En tout cas, keep writing! You’ve got lots of interesting things to say!

  3. thirtydaytrials Says:

    N, didn’t we have that conversation in India? I am writing the novel in English, as I want to gain more exposure. Of course, I am aware that the first draft will be full of gramatical mistakes and sentences that sound weird, but that can be corrected by proofreaders.

    You could argue that I could write it in French and have it translated; this would make things easier for me, as my vocabulary is richer in French, so I am able to express thoughts and feelings more accurately in my native language. But to me, language has a music. When I read, or when I write, I hear all the sentences in my head, and the intonations, and the syllables that are stressed. It is rythmic and it has its own melody. If I write in French, the music will be different. And then I will lose the music in translation. The story in two different languages will be like two different books.

    Wendy, thanks for sharing that great post, and congrats for laying it all out ! I’ll post my comment, I hope this week end… No, I do not know Nancy Houston. I blog in English to gain more exposure as well. I don’t really care about anonimity… the things that I want to keep private, I would never write them on the Internet, even under a fake name !

  4. Cath Says:

    Woops! This entire time I assumed you were a native english-speaking guy that for some reason had ties to France. It never occurred to me that you were actually from there! Like with many in the U.S., I can only speak one language (English of course), so I am so impressed.

  5. N Says:

    “Did we have that converstation in India”…Can’t remember; that’s what happens when you sleep barely 10 hours in 4 days, I guess πŸ™‚
    It makes perfect sence to me what you say ’bout writing in English.

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