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A theatre vibe

May 1, 2009

Lately, theatre has made a little come back into my life in weird ways.

4 years ago, I was performing a one-man-show in Paris that was the result of two years of working the comic scene in Paris. I did that show for one full season. That was until I met a woman, fell in love, moved to England, started to work in Marketing, and abandoned performing.

But theatre has never really completely left my life. In London, I managed to keep contact with the feeling of speaking to an audience by attending the London Business School Toastmasters club, and then when I moved back to France to follow my MBA I created the public speaking club there.

I got so involved with the school end of the year theatre show (both for the intake before mine and my own) that at one point, I wondered if I was in business school, or back in fame school.

I thought that following an MBA program would finally make me abandon my artistic hopes, the exact opposite happened ! I wanted to be a writer more than ever; I found a confidence that I never had before. When preparing the show and reading the scripts that other people prepared, I knew what to edit, I knew what to develop, I advised on moves on the stage that would look good and it worked! I hated myself for allowing some skits into the show in the last minute without having done any editorial action on them.

I hope this doesn’t sound pretentious, but after years of feeling unconfident about performing and the arts, all of a sudden, I felt like I knew what I was doing (of course, that’s only when the event has actually happened that one can say that, because when the curtain opens, we are all beginners)…

So even if I went to look for a “real” job (one has to pay the student loan back), I started to write a novel and also blogging about personal development experiences.

Artistic dreams were never too far away-

Three weeks ago, I took my team to see a comedy play in Paris. That’s when the signs started.

The day after I made the reservation for the tickets, an ex-colleague emails me out of the blue. She used to come and see my shows. She emailed me to say that she had written her own show, and she directed it. So I booked a tick for that too.

Then my sister calls me, and part of her high school diploma examination consists in doing a theatre scene. She asked me to act in that scene. It’s in 3 weeks!

Two nights ago, I went  to see my friend’s play. In the audience, I see a girl I used to take theatre lessons with! and, get this, the day after, a guy who took the same class contacts me on Facebook to be his friend and sends me a message that said: “Ben, it’s X from theatre class!” (the two events are unrelated as teh two people didn’t keep contact)

That’s a LOT of signs in 3 weeks!! I’m trying not to get too excited over this. I’m just happily welcoming all of it, and I will prepare for my sister scene diligently…